Slope Soaring in California (North)

There are numerous great spots for slope soaring in Northern California. This article has links to other sites with more info

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions.
Check with local flyers for information.

Northern California

Davenport is about 15 miles north of Santa Cruz just off HWY 1. The flying site is just across the highway from Big Creek Lumber. You’ll see a small hanger with a windsock on top and the runway at the cliffs edge. ( Imagine crosswind landings in a 310 or Baron! ) Find a parking place on the ocean side and follow the trail to the cliff’s edge.

Sunset State Beach is a few miles south of Santa Cruz near Watsonville. Wind normally builds in the afternoon. Not really a morning spot. Go here for directions:

There are many places near San Francisco. Check out this site for more info.

or Axel’s Bay Area Soaring Information at:

If you are in the East Bay area try:

Around Trukee, Tahoe and Grass Valley try Rob Crockett’s Gold Country R/C Soaring site:

4 thoughts on “Slope Soaring in California (North)

  1. I would love to see some info on the other third of the state above San francisco. I have some info for Del Norte Co. up at the border, but not much. I just started lying again after about a ten year break and am very excited to get my son into it as well. As of right now I only know of one site out at Point Saint George that is a little fickle and only works on north winds. I am now searching for a south wind site. Hope to hear from somebody, Thanks.

  2. There’s Glider Hill at Coyote Hills Regional park, Fremont. There’s a designated hill at Mission Peak Regional Preserve, Fremont, if you go to 2000 Stanford, park, follow trail, take right fork, go through a second gate, first hill on right. That makes a measly four places. 🙁

  3. We’d welcome additions to the list and more thorough reviews. At the time we started this site 10 years ago there were several websites already dedicated to California Slope Soaring and we concentrated on getting the other “49” represented 😉

  4. Hi
    I’m a glider flyer in Sacramento ca. I’m looking for slope soaring sites within 40 miles. Thank you for your response!!

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