Manilla Slope Fest 09 in NSW, Austrailia

Stephen form the West Sydney Slope Soarers sent in this note about an event in Austrailia.

I’m the President of the WSSS and just wanted to get the word out about that the WSSS have secured the use of Mt Borah near Tamworth NSW for Manilla Slope Fest 09 September 20th to the 28th. Site information can be found here

This will be the inaugural event and we plan on making it an annual get together. We already have 1 huge event In January at Camperdown in Victoria but having to wait 12 months for a get together of slope flyers we thought we would do a little research and came up with this site. It’s actually a Parra and Hang glider site where they do there record attempts for cross country and they held the 2007 Parra Gliding World Championships there. It has 4 huge launch sites covered with astro turf  making the perfect runway for scalies.

So, there it is, it’s open to all flyers not just Aussie ones could be that perfect slope /family holiday in Australia for some of our international slope brothers and sisters.

For any other information regarding the slope fest our West Sydney Slope soarers home page will carry updates regarding the progress of the event.

Best Regards.

3 thoughts on “Manilla Slope Fest 09 in NSW, Austrailia

  1. The event has drawn a huge amount of interest ,so much so that a second event has now been set for the June long weekend the Slope Recon 09 will be a warm up event and also a chance for those who cannot make the September event . Will it be a success ? only time will tell ,but be sure to look for the photo’s and feedback right here
    Steve Wenban

  2. Hi laurie,
    Names and frequency are nice to have so people can see whom they may have a frequency clash with ,but just the name for a number count is all thats really required
    regardless if you only there for the last wekkend or the whole week 🙂

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