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Dream-Flight Alula-TREK

You all may have noticed that I am again flying slope. Maybe not as rabidly as in the past but I do have plans to make flying a part of my life again. While I do have a BUNCH of slope planes that I still own from the past, my current need for a sloper […]

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Dave’s Report on the McLean Vector2

For a number of years now Greg and I have been talking about designing and building planes for sale. On those long slope safari trips we’d go over what we’d want to see in a plane. Greg’s got a lot of great ideas which are top secret right now ūüėȬ† One thing that was paramount […]

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Richter Weasel from Dream Flight

Greg flying the Weasel at Big Bay Park Wing Span: 36 in Wing Area: 375 sq in Weight: 11.5 ouncesControls: ElevonsMinimum radio¬†requirements: Elevon mixing with dual rates and/or¬† ATV (Adjustable Throw Volume)Installed Radio: Hitec Electron 6 receiver, HS-81MG servos and 270 mah NimH battery. JR 8103 transmitter. ¬† The Weasel is a breeze to build. […]

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Weasel Pro

While this review is a couple of years old I felt it still needs a place on the site. Note that the release of the New Weasel EVO is coming very soon! Happy Days! If you read these pages at all you’ll know that the Richter Design Weasel is among my favorite RC slope planes. […]

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Midwest Weasel Fest 2009

The event was held¬†the weekend of April 25th and 26th in and around Milwaukee, WI¬†mostly at the¬†AstroWings Omega Hills, Germantown Slope. We a GREAT Pilots Raffle with domations including: Jack Cooper¬†of¬†Leading Edge Gliders¬†kicked of the “Generous Donation” portion of the 2009 MWWF pilot raffle prize list. After initially offering a size SMALL 2007 LEG Slopefest […]

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Fuse Plug for the SH-50 Coming Along

I’ve been working on the fuse plug for the SH-50 again. It is nearly ready for the parting board! The new fuse design will be used, in different lengths, for the SH Series with wing spans from 40 to 60 inches. Look for more design info coming as the project progresses.

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Off The Edge Sailplanes is Now Offering the Zipper

Just want to let you and the readers of know that the Birdworks Zipper is now being made and sold by Off The Edge Sailplanes in Australia. We are offering some options that were not available before, like two airfoils (PW51 and the original EH 2-10) and a laser cat parts. The Zipper can […]

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Super Talon Conversion

Kevin McDonald, who did the prototype balsa version of the Talon as it was converted from a limited production glass loper in the early ’80s, sent in a great document to address some of the concessions made when the kit went into production and help make the Talon perform more like the plane it cold […]

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Orca Pitcheron Slope Ship

Harley Michaelis of Genie TD ship fame, with help from Jay Decker, Eagle Butte regular, have made available a new version of the ORCA “pitcheron” sloper with plans and parts kits. The original version appeared in the November ’89 issue of Model Aviation while the new plane has been updated to reflect current slope trends. […]

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Ellipse 2V First Impressions

I’ve wanted a Jaro Muller Ellipse 2 for a long time. It has always been a very highly regarded plane and is still competitive something like 10 years after it was introduced plus, for me, it looks great! It has some shape to the fuse instead of just being a broomstick and, like all Jaro […]

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Slope Scale Aircobra PSS Plane

This Slope Scale kit can be made to resemble a P-39 Aircobra or a P-63 Kingcobra. I use the terms interchangeably for better or worse. My plane leans towards the Kingcobra if only because I opted for a more Kingcobra like vertical fin because it is a bit taller. I figured the extra stability couldn’t […]

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Predator Bat EPP DS Wing

What do you get when you combine an inexpensive EPP plank wing from Windrider called the Bat and the modifications from pilots with experience wringing to most out of this plane? You get the Predator Bat. I got my Predator Bat from Karl about a couple of months ago but just go to building it […]

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Table Rock, Oregon

Table Rock, OregonCopyright Chris Erikson 2005 Table rock from the west Ready to lauch at NW site Location: 65 miles SSE of Bend, OR Coordinates: (NAD83 / WGS84 datum)N43.16374W120.88067 (more…)

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Crane Mountain, Oregon

Crane Mtn, ORCopyright Chris Erikson 2005 Location: 10 miles SSE of Lakeview, OR Coordinates: (NAD83 / WGS84 datum)N42.0743W120.24388 Wind: SW to NW Weather: Terraserver: Ready to launch, view to South ¬† Access: Dirt Road, medium clearance, rocky Season: June to mid October, limited by snowpack Vertical Relief: 4000’+ Skill level: High Intermediate Background: Crane […]

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Skyking Mini SR Build Thread

I did a build thread on RC Groups of the Mini SR that was produced by SkyKing RC Products. I don’t know if Ed expects to have any more available though. Check out this cool sloper at: Here is what is will look like when it is done. Mini SR Slope Plane

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Airtech Dynamic in Flight

This easy to build, easy to fly, plane has been mine and flying since January 1, 2004. The Airtech DYNAMIC comes with up-curved pre-formed fiberglass wingtips that are one of the nice features of this well designed glider. Flaps are also very nicely precut, as well as the ailerons. Aileron and flap hinges are all […]

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Cape Blanco State Park

Made famous in such classic soaring videos as Lift Ticket this is a great spot on the coast of Oregon. There is a DS groove here and pilots from all over attend several events each year. For those on a family vacation (like your humble webmaster in the Spring of 2002!) you can check out […]

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Finished and Flew the Airtech Fitness

After a nearly disastrous start to my Airtech Fitness’s life I got the maiden flight out of the way and found the plane an excellent flyer. ¬† Fitness ready to go The disaster nearly happened on my first maiden voyage attempt at Big Bay. The wind was coming in at about 20 and I felt […]

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Dave Hauch Relates Some X-21 Experience

I’ve got some time on this plane, just been dialing in the thermal mode right now, I’ve had poor conditions to do too much for speed runs. This plane has no bad habits, they say it’s a knock-off of the Estrella, but the Estrella has bad habits. It’s hard to make it tip stall, when […]

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Wizard Compact Cross Tail

I ordered a fuse and tail only to use with my existing Wizard BPV wings. I already have the standard V-tail fuse¬†with elevators, not the full flying stab, that I got with the wings and I was curious to see if there is a noticeable difference in how the two tails fly. The finished weights […]

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RaceM / Racemachine – a Bit of History

This is a collection of a couple of¬†articles that Espen Torp orignially wrote about the history of the RaceM / Racemachine project. Here is some background on the RaceM F3F, RaceM F3B and Racemachine competiton sailplanes from a couple of¬†articles that¬†Espen Torp originally wrote. Some editing applied! Joakim Stahl, Matthias Carlsson and Stefan Wahlberg from […]

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Erwin 5 Build Tips

The Erwin 5 is an all carbon, 2-meter slope ship. This article has several pictures and some notes on the building of my current version. Erwin 5 elevator showing the channel for the control horn ¬† Erwin 5 V-tial half ¬† Wing root showing 2 joiner tubes, bakllast acces in between and the wire channel […]

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