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Slope soaring sites in Florida.

South Florida Slope Site

Update 08/05/03: Regarding the “South Florida Slope Site” post from Charles Lillo, the park he referred to is called Vista View Park and is now open to the public. However, radio-controlled model aircraft are not and never were permitted there. Along with a growing group of interested local glider flyers and AMA Flying Site Assistance […]

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Slope Soaring Without Mountains

Check out this site at: Here is a brief excerpt. “Believe it or not, slope soaring is entirely possible here in sunny Florida, despite the fact that within 30 miles of the coast the ground rarely gets more than fifty feet above sea level. While our thermals in the summertime have been known to […]

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Mild Slope Site Near Orlando

Chris Wells sent in this story. Site: Carlos Canyon Description: a pit with 25-30′ of slope, soarable in 270′ of wind direction. (South winds are no good) Probably needs a 20 mph wind to be soarable for most gliders, a Zagi THL is fine on 10-15mph. Location: off of route 27, maybe a mile north […]

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The Dynamic’s First Flight in Florida

Mirko sent in this report on slope soaring in Florida the 30 foot dunes at Merrit Island located about 10 miles north of Cape Canaveral. If you look closely at the photos you will see the gantries in the background for shuttle launches! We drove from Orlando to this area (Titusville) in a little over […]

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Slopes in the Clearmont, Florida Area

Greg from Florida sent in several slopes in and around the Clearmont area. Nice to know that there is sloping going on in Florida! 1 – There is a slope behind the Bob Evans restaurant on SR 27 off of Johns Lake Rd 2 minutes south of were SR 50 & SR 27 cross which […]

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