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Vern Hunt electric converted to slope use.

Russ’s Vern Hunt Sloper

Report on 09/06/01 High Angst is my first larger sloper. The 4.5 lb weight (16 oz/ft2) was a little disconcerting but I had nothing to fear. It flies as if on rails and is super stable. Mirko has always extolled the virtues of larger planes and it is easy to see where his enthusiasm comes […]

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Vern Hunt High Anxiety – specs

Posted by Russ Whitford on Jul 1, 2001 Russ and the High Anxiety   Airfoil: RG15 modSpan: 88.0Area: 660 sq/inSurface loading: 15oz/ft2Weight: 60ozControl: Flaperon, and ElevatorRadio: 1400 pack. This plane came from Vern hunt and started life as a high performance electric. Russ is converting it to a slope plane. 07/10/01Maiden voyage was at Big […]

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