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Winter Sloping in England

Hi Greg, I do have a few stories about slope soaring. Let me tell you about the annual Christmas slope outing. Every Christmas I go out into Derbyshire, sometimes I can persuade other pilots to come along.The idea is to fly over the Christmas holiday period, a day is chosen fingers crossed it is dry, […]

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Sloping Near Sydney

Klaus, from Sydney, Australia, sent in this link and info. We have many fantastic slope sites within a 1 hour drive from Sydney. I also produce the Vector combat wing here in Australia, and belong to the SSA of NSW. We have our Club site at Otford, just a kilometre from Stanwell Park, where […]

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Hitec Focus III Radio Control Transmitter

Available in both AM and FM versions this is a great radio for simple sailplanes. It has electronic servo reversing, Elevon or V-tail mixing and, with the FM version, rechargeable ni-cads. The small size of this radio makes it a good traveling companion and the AM versions use of AA batteries means no charging hassles […]

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Hitec Flash 5x Radio Control Transmitter

  Flash 5 System X The Flash 5 System X computer radio from Hitec RCD is a great value. It sports  features like a five model memory, digital trims, “AutoSave”, lots of mixes and 3 special flight modes for sport models, sailplanes and electrics. No other radio can touch the Flash 5 SX for quality […]

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Slope Flying at Cadillac Mountain

I was on vacation in Maine with my family where we made the trip from Bangor to Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor for some sight seeing and some flying at Cadillac Mountain. I flew the Combat Wings XL at the Blue Mountain Overlook just below the summit of Cadillac Mountain. The wind was coming in […]

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Texas Slope Sites in Travis County

Texas -Travis county (about 5 miles west of Austin.) Mansfield Dam. Off of 620, a few miles south of 620 and 2222. 30 deg 23.672′ N and 97 deg 54.538′ W, at an altitude of 751 feet. We fly out of the parking lot at the north-west side of the dam. It’s good in south […]

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Cape Cod Sloping June 23rd to 27th

We arrived at the Seascape Motel on Monday evening after an 8-hour drive from Philly. I checked in, unloaded the family and the car and stepped out the ocean side door to behold a beautiful sight. The 80-foot (give or take a few feet) slope about 20 steps from my door. There was a light […]

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