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The Radios pages offer reviews on radio control systems used in r/c slope flying.

JR Announced a Couple of 2.4ghz Radios Recently.

I’ve been waiting for this announcement from my favorite radio maker for sometime. I know that JR is not always the fastest with new technology but when they do it, they do it right. Looks like they have embraced 2.4GHz DSM2 technology. First, JR is making the 9303 available as a 2.4GHz unit called, appropriately […]

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JR 9303 Sailplane Article by Sherman Knight

Sherman Knight of Team JR has another great guide for sailplane set up and JR radio control. This time for the 9303. If you have read his 347 or 8103 guides, you’ll know this is a must!I’ve used Sherman Knight’s JR 8103 set up guide for several years now, and the 347 guide before that, […]

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Hitec Flash 5x Radio Control Transmitter

  Flash 5 System X The Flash 5 System X computer radio from Hitec RCD is a great value. It sports  features like a five model memory, digital trims, “AutoSave”, lots of mixes and 3 special flight modes for sport models, sailplanes and electrics. No other radio can touch the Flash 5 SX for quality […]

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Hitec Focus III Radio Control Transmitter

Available in both AM and FM versions this is a great radio for simple sailplanes. It has electronic servo reversing, Elevon or V-tail mixing and, with the FM version, rechargeable ni-cads. The small size of this radio makes it a good traveling companion and the AM versions use of AA batteries means no charging hassles […]

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JR XP-8103 Radio Control Transmitter

JR XP-8103   The 8103 is JR’s successor to the 388. It offers several new features – most importantly a new large size screen for easier programming. A graphical interface makes it quicker to program than its predecessors. The 8103 maintains all of the features you would like to see in a full-house computer radio. […]

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