JR X-347 and X-388 radios are still great tools

JR x-347


JR 347

If it weren’t for the 8103 and this models limit of 4 models I would use this radio all the time. It is very capable and the minor limitations can be overcome by creative use of the custom mixes.

The JR 347 radio is a good mid level programmable radio. It is out of production but is readily available on the used market. It can be purchased for as little as $150-200. It is a seven-channel, four model memory system and can operate in either FM or PCM mode. The 347 includes programming for two to six servo sailplanes, dual rates, electronic subtrim, exponential, reversing, and both fixed and programmable mixing. Fixed mixing functions include both CROW and flaps from the throttle stick, V-tail, flaperon, flap to aileron, various trims, and more. It has four programmable mixes for additional control. The only significant limit is a two position flap switch, rather than the preferred three position switch, but this can be overcome by creative programming of other switches. The transmitter is both PCM and FM capable.

JR 388

The JR 388 is a successor to the JR 347, and is also no longer in production. The 388 offers all of the features that the 347 does along with an eight channels, eight plane memory, eight programmable mixes, and a three position flap switch. It has some minor additional software features for customization. It is fully sailplane capable out of the box, and probably more available used than the 347 because it was sold for a longer period of time.


If you own a JR 347 or 388 you should check out Sherman Knights articles on programming JR radios.

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