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The Accessory Review pages are the place to find reviews on slope related r/c accessories and goodies.

Hangar 9 Double Vision Fast Field Charger

I’ve been using this charger for several years and it is a super unit. I have both JR and Hitec radios and the ability to have one field charger do it all has been great. The Double Vision will reliably peak charge all types of transmitters, regardless of brand, polarity, or if the transmitter has […]

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MacFoil Airfoil Plotter

MacFoil is a shareware Macintosh program that creates plots of airfoils, and is intended for builders of model airplanes. I have been using the program for about 4 years and it works great! MacFoil is a shareware Macintosh airfoil plotting program developed by Dave Johnson. Here is a description of what MacFoil is from the […]

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Tom Hoopes Makes Great Wiring Harnesses

Tom Hoopes has solved one of my least favorite parts about building an R/C Sailplane. He manufactures top quality wiring harnesses for most of today’s popular sailplanes and if he doesn’t already have the specs, he’ll get them from you so he can help you wire about any plane you can think of. All of you […]

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CRRCSIM – RC Soaring Flight Simulator

Boy is this simulator cool especially for RC sailplane enthusiasts. The way the plane flies is quite realistic. You have the choice of a thermal field and also a slope venue. You can vary parameters of the flying sites and of the planes. But wait, that’s not all. You also get the ability to try […]

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The Mongo Transmitter Mitt

Gloves don’t give you the feel you need and bare hands get numb. If you fly in the cold, this mitt can be the difference between a good time and crashed plane! I have used mine on the slope down to about 10 degrees with a 20mph wind and my hands have been warm. The […]

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Slope Fun With No Wind!

Greg letting the Mini Acacia rip. A bungee and a pedal launcher are great fun especially when the slope lift leaves a bit to be desired. My bungee, from Hollyday Designs, (sadly, like so many r/c cottage industries, Hollyday is no longer in business, however there are a couple of other sources and the fun can […]

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