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Ellison Bay Slope, Door County, WI

On the Door County penninsula. This is a great place to take the wife or whole family for vacation and still have a place to fly. There are two spots on either side of Hwy 41 that work well in a N or NW wind. Just before you enter the town of Ellison Bay you […]

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Tennesse Slope Soaring

The site we use is 6 miles off Interstate I-75 between Lake City and Lafollette TN. In fact I-75 passes at the foot of the mountain. Called Cross Mountain by the USGS, it has three usable slopes. The smallest is the north slope, which is usable but the air is disturbed by a nearby point. […]

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Composite Specialities

Composite Specialities – Tom was helpful and answered my questions by email promptly. Very nice shipping box! I got both the Mini Acacia and the Prodij here. Got a Bandit too! Update: I recently got an Acacia II F3F ship from Tom. It is really sweet!

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SH-50 Compact Sloper

The SH-50 is a 50″ sloper designed to be light, fast and strong. Our slopes are mostly small and under 150 feet high. It is really nice to have a plane that is super manuverable and doesn’t need a whole lot of sky to have fun. SH-50 number 1 Airfoil: 7012 mod or 6063 mod […]

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Sloping at the Big M in Platteville, WI

Wisconsin Slope Flying Sites – The Big M The Big M is a large mound near Platteville, in western Wisconsin. It faces West but because of it’s shape it is usable for several directions from Northwest to South. This view of the mound is from about 8 miles away. We fly over the Big M […]

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Wisconsin Slope Flying at Atwater Beach

Atwater Beach, Shorewood, WI – Experenced flyers only! People present! Good for North East winds. Tricky or unconventional landing at the top (this involves coming at the slope, diving down, following the slope contour up to dump speed and plowing into a bush) but the beach is big and there is a path to walk […]

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Kansas Slope Soaring at Wilson Lake

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions.Check with local flyers for information. Kansas Slope Flying Sites Wilson Lake – This is the location of the Midwest Slope Challenge in May. Race report from Wilson Lake 2001. Wilson Lake is located at mile 153.9 on the Saline River, […]

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