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The Tool Review pages are the place to find reviews on slope related r/c tools and building goodies to help make your shop a nicer place.

iPhone Weather Apps for Slope Soaring Pilots

There are, at my last count, 62 applications in the Apps section of the iTunes store for the iPhone that have something to do with weather. 40 of them cost something. While I think some of the paid apps have merit, I figured that I would work through the free apps first to see if […]

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Great Planes Precision Z-Bend Pliers

Great Planes Precision Z-Bend Pliers Part # GPMR8025 Every rc slope plane builder will need a good Z-Bend pliers in their tools arsenal. The Great Planes version, called “Precision Z-Bend Pliers, is my favorite mostly for the alignment pin. It helps you put the bend right where you want it every time. You simply put […]

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Dremel Stylus Cordless Rotary Tool Model # 1100-01

When I first saw the Dremel Stylus, a cordless rotary tool, I knew I had to try it because it incorporates a couple of features I’ve been looking for. Variable speed, Easy to hold grip, Cordless, Lithium powered for long run times and it uses standard Dremel bits. Dremel Stylus Cordless Rotary Tool Model # […]

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Perecman Router Base And Templates

I’m a sucker for tools and gadgets. I’ll admit that up front. I buy a lot of stuff that looks good in the ad but when I finally get it and use it I am often disappointed. When I saw a write up about the Perecman router base and template set a bell went off […]

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Dremel 7700-01 MultiPro Cordless Tool Kit

Posted by Greg Smith on Nov 18, 2004 Dremel 7700-01 MultiPro Cordless Tool Kit The 7700-01 is an update of one of my most used Dremel tools, my original red and black, 7.2 volt MultiPro model 770. In fact, when I went to buy this new tool I thought I was just getting another one like […]

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