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Update on my McLean Extreme

Update – This plane is a great size . It is big enough to get great performance and small enough to fly at the local small slopes. My closest slope is 70 feet high and about 200 feet wide with a tricky on the face of the hill LZ. The flaps are great for bringing […]

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South Dakota Slope Trip October 2001

In memory of Ed Harris 1933-2001. Read a tribute to Ed by friend Jim Porter. There are over 75 pictures on the site from this trip. Start looking at them here. Well y’all, here is the beginning of the report on the 2001 South Dakota Slopin’ Safari, held over four days in the Chamberlain area […]

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Kou discovers several small slopes in Madison

Madison Wisconsin Slope Flying Sitesdiscovered by Kou Vang Giddens Park, Lake Mendota, Madison WIA small park facing N-NW onto Lake Mendota. Located on the Isthmus on N. Brearly St. behind a Church just off E. Gorham St. Parking space available at the top. Grassy slope is mowed all the way down to the lake. The […]

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Spring Valley Resevoir, Spring Valley, WI

Spring Valley Wisconsin Slope Flying Site Directions to Spring Valley Slope (from Twin Cities)Take 94 East through Hudson, WI to exit 19, which is HWY 63. Follow this for 7 miles to County Road 29 and turn left (East). Follow this into the town of Spring Valley. At County Road B turn left. Follow it […]

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Russ’s Vern Hunt Sloper

Report on 09/06/01 High Angst is my first larger sloper. The 4.5 lb weight (16 oz/ft2) was a little disconcerting but I had nothing to fear. It flies as if on rails and is super stable. Mirko has always extolled the virtues of larger planes and it is easy to see where his enthusiasm comes […]

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