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Slope Aerobatics Website From Steve Lange

Santa Barbaran, Steve Lange, has begun what promises to be a super website on slope aerobatics. The site is located at (I’m surprised that domain name wasn’t already taken!). So far there are photos, reviews and videos. A copuple of planes are well represented those being Le Fish, the Voltij and the Weasel. As […]

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My 2nd Pica Pitcheron Sloper

I liked my first Pica so much that I got a second plane from Tim. The new plane is a glass version instead of a carbon plane but it seems fine to me. The pix don’t do the color justice but it is orange and blue. I may add a second orange stripe to the […]

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Ellipse 2V First Impressions

I’ve wanted a Jaro Muller Ellipse 2 for a long time. It has always been a very highly regarded plane and is still competitive something like 10 years after it was introduced plus, for me, it looks great! It has some shape to the fuse instead of just being a broomstick and, like all Jaro […]

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JART World Interview Series

Reed’s interviews of some of the best known names in slope soaring make for some great reading and give some insight into the thoughts and experiences of an influential bunch of guys in our slope soaring hobby. As of this writing Reed has interviewed the following folks: Vernon Hunt Dieter Mahlein (ShredAir) Carl Maas, Jr. […]

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Slope Scale Aircobra PSS Plane

This Slope Scale kit can be made to resemble a P-39 Aircobra or a P-63 Kingcobra. I use the terms interchangeably for better or worse. My plane leans towards the Kingcobra if only because I opted for a more Kingcobra like vertical fin because it is a bit taller. I figured the extra stability couldn’t […]

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Great Planes Precision Z-Bend Pliers

Great Planes Precision Z-Bend Pliers Part # GPMR8025 Every rc slope plane builder will need a good Z-Bend pliers in their tools arsenal. The Great Planes version, called “Precision Z-Bend Pliers, is my favorite mostly for the alignment pin. It helps you put the bend right where you want it every time. You simply put […]

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San Antonio Mountain in Northern New Mexico

Posted by Ezra (Edited by Greg) on Mar 28, 2007, 21:35 San Antonio mountain, located on highway 285 about 10 miles south of the Colorado state line, about 35 minutes northwest of Taos, New Mexico. A massive blob with 10,000 foot altitude and 2100 feet above the surrounding is land located on BLM and Forest […]

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