Ellipse 2V First Impressions

I’ve wanted a Jaro Muller Ellipse 2 for a long time. It has always been a very highly regarded plane and is still competitive something like 10 years after it was introduced plus, for me, it looks great! It has some shape to the fuse instead of just being a broomstick and, like all Jaro Muller planes, it is superbly built and tough as nails.

My Ellipse 2V is 2.86 meters or about 112 inches. Mine comes in at 86 ounces. It has provisions for a bunch of ballast and a hook on the bottom if one feels the need for a winch launch. Jim Porter, the builder and previous owner, put a speed hook tube in the nose as well.

Greg’s Ellipse 2V

Below is an account of my first flight with my new prize.

We started the day about 11AM at Sheridan Park. I had my new to me Ellipse 2V ready to go and I like Sheridan for test flights especially of a bigger plane like the Ellipse 2. My Ellipse 2 is pretty much a brand new plane. Jim Porter had flown the wing a few times with the Ellipse 2T Electric fuse (which I also got and am setting up) but had never flown the slope version. I set the plane up in the shop and put the CG 98mm back from the LE. After a range check at the slope, no problem there, I walked to the edge of the slope, about 50 feet above Lake Michigan at this point, and tossed the Ellipse into the lift. It flew perfectly right from the get go. I just cruised around getting a feel for the plane and quickly gaining confidence in its flying abilities. I was cruising the lip only a couple of feet high almost immediately. The Ellipse 2 is a very solid flying and confidence inspiring plane. I started to work some turns and after a few thought I may have dialed in a bit too much differential but the plane turns hard and I was having fun despite the light air. After about 20 minutes my hands were getting cold so, after testing  the flap response in the air I made an approach and landed at my feet.  A successful first flight and I look forward to a lot more flights with this plane. When Jim set it up he made it all plug and play so it is easy to get it in the air fast. This will make the difference between it sitting in the car and getting flown a bunch. I tend to love planes I can set up in a minute or two and this is one of those.

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