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Slope soaring sites in Ohio.

Buena Vista, Newark, Licking County

80 feet, bowl Driving Directions-Exit I-70 onto northbound Buena Vista Street.  Drive north until the slope opens up on your left.  Park at the north end on a public parking lot. Wind Directions-West to South-Southwest. Landing Zone-pretty decent, but with a strong rotor near the lip of the slope.  If necessary, go high and fly […]

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Cleveland Area Ohio Slope Flying Sites

  Reprinted with permission form Have Sailplane, Will Travel Outstanding flying can be found on the southern shores of our Great Lake Erie, near the metropolis of Cleveland, Ohio, at the northern border of our country.   Much maligned and the brunt of many jokes in the mid 70’s, Cleveland has experienced a true renaissance […]

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Ohio Sloping – Columbus Area – Alum Creek Dam

Update from Tom Nagel! The US Army Corps of Engineers has re-instituted its no slope flying rule at Alum Creek Dam. Apparently the original no-fly rule was never rescinded, just not enforced, and the Westerville Model Aviation Club, whose field is at the base of the dam, had worked out a system to coordinate both […]

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Cincinnati Area Sloping – Brookville Dam

Brookville Dam, IN Brookville Dam in Indiana has been described by some as “the best inland slope in our part of the country”. It is located 2.5 hours from Louisville in Brookville, IN and about 1 hour from Cincinnati, OH. Brookville Lake is located in Franklin and Union Counties on the East Fork of the […]

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