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Slope soaring sites in France.

Traveling to and Flying in France

Some of these commentaries and accounts of my slope flying over the past several years in France may be useful for temporary visitors living in France, or someone doing business there on a regular basis. Directions to Menez Hom For anyone coming from the east, Paris, Chatres, Le Mans, Rennes, St. Brieuc, Morlaix, Landavisiau, Sizun, […]

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Beg an Fry and the roast road, Brittany

March 25, 2002, Monday Beg an Fry and the roast road, Brittany (France)  Temp: 6 C, morning; PM temp: 15 C; wind 6-10 knots from the NNE Back on the road headed south from Primel-Tregastel, to Plougasnou then east along the coast road passing the point, Beg Gracia to again explore the fabled point, BEG […]

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The Bunker Pointe Annalouseten, Brittany, France

March 21, 2002 Pointe Annalouseten, Brittany, (France)   Temp: 13 C; wind 15-20 knots from the WSW “The Bunker” Skies are still gray; the wind has relented a bit this morning. After 10:00 AM, it rained pretty hard for three hours. However! I got two good flights before the rain started. I started with the mini […]

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Pointe Annalouseten, Brittany, France

Pointe Annalouseten, Brittany, (France)  Temp: 12 C; wind 30 knots from the west No rain today!  Skies are still gray. I went over to Pointe Annalouseten at about 9:30 AM and flew for about 30 minutes. Launching the Sagitta was tricky; I had to walk down the path about 20 yards to launch in less […]

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Primel-Tregastel, France

Primel-Tregastel, France Temp: 50 F; 10 C Subject: Good finish to a bad day I’ll sum up today: a bad day turned into a good day. This morning I checked the immediate area for south facing slope due to the persistent south wind the last few days. Staying on the north side of Brittany makes […]

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Flew some light wind at the Menez-Hom

Saturday, March 16, 2002 Finally flew in some light wind at the Menez-Hom, Brittany’s highest hill (1000 Ft).  We arrived about 3:00 PM.  This site is about 50 miles from our cottage in Primel-Tregastel. The wind was out of the south about 8 or 9 mph. The little Pilatus flew for about 10 minutes.  Then […]

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More Commentaries on Flying in France

Roissy, France; Charles de Gaulle Airport The Airbus arrived on time from Chicago: 8:20 AM;  disembarkation was a waste of time.  We were loaded on to special airport tarmac buses some distance from the terminal.  This took at least a half an hour.  Wait on the plane, then wait on the bus.  Luggage pick up […]

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