Flew some light wind at the Menez-Hom

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Finally flew in some light wind at the Menez-Hom, Brittany’s highest hill (1000 Ft).  We arrived about 3:00 PM.  This site is about 50 miles from our cottage in Primel-Tregastel. The wind was out of the south about 8 or 9 mph.

The little Pilatus flew for about 10 minutes.  Then I got about a five minute test flight with the Pixel.  This was trimmed perfectly and was very easy to fly.

Then the rain came.

We’re supposed to get 50 mph winds tomorrow but out of the south again and with more rain until Wednesday. So this side of Brittany is no good for the moment, and driving 50 miles to another rainy location does not look promising. Guess I’ll be reading a lot.

Waiting for wind or rain


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