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50-inch sloper designed and built by Greg Smith and Russ Whitford.

Fuse Plug for the SH-50 Coming Along

I’ve been working on the fuse plug for the SH-50 again. It is nearly ready for the parting board! The new fuse design will be used, in different lengths, for the SH Series with wing spans from 40 to 60 inches. Look for more design info coming as the project progresses.

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SH-50 2001 update

2001 update – The SH-50 has been my go to plane for most of the year. In 2001 I had several hundred flights on it and it keeps coming back for more. The ability to fly in realitvely light air and the durability of the plane mean I use it as a test dummy at […]

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SH-50 Compact Sloper

The SH-50 is a 50″ sloper designed to be light, fast and strong. Our slopes are mostly small and under 150 feet high. It is really nice to have a plane that is super manuverable and doesn’t need a whole lot of sky to have fun. SH-50 number 1 Airfoil: 7012 mod or 6063 mod […]

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