Hangar 9 Double Vision Fast Field Charger

I’ve been using this charger for several years and it is a super unit. I have both JR and Hitec radios and the ability to have one field charger do it all has been great.

The Double Vision will reliably peak charge all types of transmitters, regardless of brand, polarity, or if the transmitter has a built-in diode. A “TX Polarity” switch located on the charger is switched to match the transmitter being charged. Choose either the “JR” position for JR radios or “STD” (standard) for Futaba, Hitec, Airtronics, Multiplex, or other transmitters. If the switch is accidentally left in the wrong position and you push the “Charge” button, nothing will happen. A universal transmitter plug is attached that fits all transmitters. If the transmitter you are charging has a diode, just push and hold the “Start” button for 10 seconds and a normal charge cycle will begin bypassing the diode. It also handles all types and sizes of 4-cell and 5-cell receiver packs, including NiMH batteries. It can also charge glow drivers. In addition you can charge both transmitter and receiver packs at the same time.

The Double Vision has two independent charge circuits: one for charging 9.6-volt transmitter packs and the other for charging 4.8-volt (4-cell) and 6-volt (5-cell) receiver packs. Both circuits fast charge at a constant 800mA and automatically trickle after a fast charge at 80mA.

There are two bar graphs (one for the transmitter and one for the receiver) that show the charge condition of the batteries throughout the charge. This information can be used for determining how much the batteries were discharged before charging began and approximately how long it will take before the batteries will be fully charged.

Hangar 9 Double Vision Fast Field Charger



  • Charges any transmitter
  • Charges 4 and 5 cell receivers
  • Charges Glow Drivers
  • Bar graph to show charge progress
  • has 6 foot input leads
  • reverse-polarity and fuse-protected
  • voltmeter jacks

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