The Mongo Transmitter Mitt

Gloves don’t give you the feel you need and bare hands get numb. If you fly in the cold, this mitt can be the difference between a good time and crashed plane! I have used mine on the slope down to about 10 degrees with a 20mph wind and my hands have been warm.

The Mongo Transmitter Mitt

This is really simple. If you fly in the cold you gotta get one of these.

Keep your hands warm and your transmitter dry with a mitt like this. It is made with a tough nylon shell and a polar fleece lining. Not only does the mitt cover your hands, it completely protects your transmitter too! No more worrying about those stray rain drops damaging your expensive radio. The mitt has a huge window built in so you can easily see your display and trim tabs.

During a recent day of flying at the Big M Madison sloper Clayton Greaves commented on how the window on the front magnifies the sun and really heats things up in there. If you really brave the cold to fly this is a sure way to keep the fingers nimble.

For more info on the Mongo Transmitter Mitt by email Katie Kauffman at:

One thought on “The Mongo Transmitter Mitt

  1. ;D

    they are not cool they are hot, no not hot but they work great I have only used mine once and I will be using these a lot!

    I had her make one for my evo 12 and it fits nice!

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