JR XP-8103 Radio Control Transmitter

JR XP-8103
JR XP-8103


The 8103 is JR’s successor to the 388. It offers several new features – most importantly a new large size screen for easier programming. A graphical interface makes it quicker to program than its predecessors. The 8103 maintains all of the features you would like to see in a full-house computer radio. It has eight channels, 10 model memory, PCM and FM, and all of the traditional features including sailplane programming and six types of programmable mixing.

There are 2 models of the JR 8103. The main difference is that newer versions have digital trim.

Sailplane Programming Features

  • V-tail mixing
  • Dual or single servo flap modes
  • Flap channel switch or pot selection
  • Elevator to flap mix with independent up and down values
  • Aileron to flap mix
  • Aileron differential
  • Flap to elevator mix with independent up and down values with selectable switch positions and adjustable offset
  • Flap to aileron mix with selectable switch positions and adjustable offset
  • Aileron to rudder mixing with selectable switch position
  • Butterfly/crow mode with two independently selectable settings and adjustable
  • 6 free programmable mixes
  • Count up and countdown timer
  • Full-wing trailing edge options including the proportional operation of camber, reflex, crow, launch preset, normal and virtually any desired trailing edge option imaginable

JR 8103 resources

If you have an 8103 you should check out Sherman Knight’s programming articles.

Find his articles at:

Good articles on setting flaps on a JR radio can be found at:

For Escape owners or others with 6-servo wings check out:

And the elusive reverse differential when using Crow can be found at:

Horizon Hobby –

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  5. ”WTF” on the last 4 replies on the JR XP -8103 !!!!
    In all seriousness about this fine radio,, I still use my old trusty 8103 for my primary.
    Made a jumper quick change CR -2032 mem. batt. holder with wires soldered to the original mem. batt. posts on the board, & also run a 1800 9.9v Li pack .
    Love this radio, & think it will last for ”many” more years down the road !

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