Hitec Flash 5x Radio Control Transmitter

hitec flash 5


Flash 5 System X

The Flash 5 System X computer radio from Hitec RCD is a great value. It sports  features like a five model memory, digital trims, “AutoSave”, lots of mixes and 3 special flight modes for sport models, sailplanes and electrics. No other radio can touch the Flash 5 SX for quality and value. Available in both a standard version with the HS-422 servos and in a micro package with small HS-81 servos.

  • 5 channel
  • Mode I or Mode II capable
  • 5 model memory
  • flight timer and alarm
  • End point adjustments for all channels
  • Exponential rates on channels 1, 2 and 4
  • All channel servo reversing
  • 3 preset mixes, Aileron-Rudder,Elevon and V-tail
  • Flaparon capable
  • Trainer jack
  • 3 flight modes, ACRO, GLID and GLIDACRO
  • Camber adjustment
  • Digital Trims
  • Dual rates on channel 1 and 2
  • Proportional flaps on throttle stick
  • 3 position switch
  • Channel 1 and 5 are used for two ailerons servos allowing for the use of very creative flaperon, spoileron and camber or reflex mixes
  • There is a glider specific version

What you get with the glider version

  • Flash 5 SX transmitter
  • Rx 555 Micro five channel
  • Three HS-81 Servos
  • Battery 270ma
  • Switch Deluxe switch w/charge jack
  • Charger CG-25 overnight wall charger

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