The Hammerhead – a new ODR from Polecat Aero

Posted by Dave Hauch on Mar 12, 2002

polecat hammerhead

from Polecat Aero

Finally got to fly my Hammerhead “One Design” 60” sloper from Conditions where on the light side , but good enough to show me this thing works!

First the fuse; lots of room for gear and ballast, and it’s beefy. Love the tail, it’s glued to a carbon tube that slides over the rear of the fuse.  Just remove two screws and it comes right off. If you happen to break a tail,  just make up another and slide it on. (I already have a backup coming, just in case)

Flying; Denny said this thing wouldn’t tip stall, so naturally I had to see if he was pulling our legs, he wasn’t yanking us, it absolutely will not stall! I tried it with and with out camber, kept pulling the nose up in the wind, it would come to a stop and even backup and all I could get it to do was drop the nose about 6”, unbelivable!

polecat aero hammerhead
Dave with the Hammerhead at Wilson Lake, KS

For the light conditions I was flying in, it really pulled hard out of the corners, held it’s energy really well. It should be a rocket coming out with more wind. This plane has the best inverted performance I’ve ever flown, no bad habits.

Response great to camber changes. The best spoileron response I’ve seen yet on a sloper.

I’m going to get to fly it against a Fun-1 this Sunday so I’ll get to  compare the two.

I keep trying to find something I don’t like about it, but haven’t found it yet.

I especially like that the kit and parts are available.

Later, Dave Hauch

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