Installation In My New Wizard Compact C-93

This is the second Wizard I have done and it went pretty much like the first. This is a C-93 with a super reinforced LE for our local slopes.

I did this radio install in the McLaren Wiz a few months ago and am just now getting the pix posted. Where does the time go?

The McLarenesque paint scheme



The nose opened up for my prefered radio placement


Hoopes harness template location



Flap control horn


Aileron control horn. I later relieved the wiper just forward of the horn.



Aileron servo is a Micro Speed Digi from Multiplex. Flaps are Volz Micro Maxx XPs
Receiver is a Hitec Super Slim, V-tail servos are JR DS-368s, CP-1300 battery


Beware the ballast screw. It can conflict with your wiring.


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