Wizard Compact II Tips

Wizard Compact 2x tips

I have had 4 Wizards and flown them a lot. I also asked other owners and perused the web for tips. Here is a collection of tidbits so far…

On a plane like the Wizard go for top-notch servos. I’ve used Volz, Multiplex and JRs in my Wizards.

If you want to do a side-by-side servo setup like in my building pictures you need a servo like the JR-341 non-digital or the DS-368 digital or a servo no larger than these. If you go tandem you could use larger servos but you have to watch for the ballast tube intruding on your available space.

The flap and aileron servos can be about as big as the Multiplex Speed Digi although I am not sure what the same size non-digital is called. Micro-Maxx Xs and Micro Maxx Xps can be used and with a little finagling, you can get the Volz mount in so you have removable, serviceable servos. Recent DS versions have been build with JR DS-3421.

If you are really going to go fast with your Wiz I’d add a shear web on either side of the servo and from the spar to the sub trailing edge. Tedious but the box section makes a very flex resistant structure. I have also just made a shim to wedge in between the servo and the bottom skin. This helps make it solid and is not as big a hassle as the shear web.

A Hitec Superslim receiver fits perfectly.

I use 4-cell 1400mah Nicad pack or a 5-cell 600ae pack. In the cold weather here in Wisconsin I do not trust any of the newer NiMh or LiPoly or whatever else the chemical of the day is. Cold really beats up on those batteries ability to hold a charge.

If you need control horns for your Wizard I found the HLWAN009 Wanitschek Low Drag Brass Control from to work well. I’d go bigger if you will DS it though. Etienne at Icare carries a 3mm brass horn that is nice and beefy.

Watch out for the ballast screw. It comes up into the receiver area if it is screwed in too far.

I love the Hoopes Harness ( Very tidy and saves me 2 hours of soldering.

Settings to start. Personal preference of course!

CG start at 95 back from the LE. I fly mine around 100mm back from the LE. Dave Reese likes his about 104mm back.

You will need some down elevator with CROW. If you have the full flying tail it is about 6mm at the Leading Edge of the stab.

If you set your flaps up right you should be able to get close to 90-degrees. Mine all seem to be about 80-degrees though.

I use a bit of up aileron in the CROW mode. Approximately 10MM measured at the tip. I also use a rudder mix when landing. That left thumb is prone to dumb moves when it matters!

The Wizard likes ballast on the good days. Don’t be afraid to load it up. Using lead I get about 24 ounces in the fuse. Plus I have a Winch Doc joiner that adds another 17 ounces! On 45 mph wind days this makes a very fast plane!

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