Acacia II F3F Racer


acacia II f3f

Acacia II F3F


Airfoil: RG-15 mod
Span: 109.4
Area: 837 sq/in
Surface loading: 13.5 to 19.5 oz/sqft
Weight: 80 – 112oz
Control: Aileron, Flaps, Rudder and Elevator
Radio: Hitec Super Slim, Volz Micro-Maxx servos for the ailerons, JR DS-368s for the flaps and HS-225mgs for the Rudder/Elevator, 5-cell 1000ae NiMh pack.

12/26/01 – Finally the first flight of my Acacia II. After double and triple checking the plane I was ready to toss it. The wind was a good steady 15 and I could tell it wanted to fly so I gave it a good push and it flew straight and true. I spent the next 15 minutes getting a feel for it and listening to it scream by. It really covers ground although it always amazes me how a big plane can look like it isn’t moving very fast until you notice how much sky it uses compared to smaller ships. It is very stable and the CG seems close although I will try it back a couple of millimeters. It is at 103mm from the LE now. I tried some F3F type turns and it seemed to snap through with athority. Roll rate is good for a big plane and very axial. I tried the flaps and found the only real boo boo in my inital set up. The elevator compensation was off a bit. I needed to hold some up in to keep it level. I got it down in one piece and changed the mix a bit. The second flight was great as well.

12/16/01 – Except for some fiddeling, this ship is ready to rock. Now all I need is some wind!

12/07/01 – Well it took a bit longer to get going on this plane than I wanted. I did some planning on how I wanted to do the installation of the radio gear to make it go smoothly. I also looked for info on the net for set up help. Not much out there on this specific ship.

10/29/01 – Just got it out of the box and it is really pretty. Superb molding and a cool fusealage shape. Not quite the broom stick some current fuses remind me of. Seems tough as well. I am waiting on the servos and will try to get it in the air soon. I can’t wait!

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