Dave’s Aircraft Works P-51B Mustang



Span: 48″
Length: 35″
Area: 453 Sq.In.
Flying Weight: 31 to 34ounces
Airfoil: S3016

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Made from EPP this plane is designed for slope combat and just plain tearing around the hill. With the durable nature of EPP, stunts can be tried with reckless abandon!

This is a bit of an unusual Dave’s model since most of the Mustang kits are the D version and this one was cut as a B model.

I got this plane from Jim Porter. He is moving to Germany for a few years and is paring down his extensive collection of planes. He did a super job of building and especially covering this plane. It looks great and has changed my mind a bit about how good an EPP plane can look. It also flies great!

Update: I have been testing the durability of this bad boy both in combat and just doing close in aerobatic flying. It is my new aerobatic trainer. It flies inverted fairly well and will fake a knife-edge for a bit given enough speed. The mostly bouncy nature of the beast lets me be less concerned about hitting the slope. So far the only damage was a broken control horn.

If you don’t own one of these or a plane like it, get one!

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