Sloping at Concordia University, Mequon, WI


Russ and his Shrike at Concordia


Concordia University, Mequon, WI

Concordia University is located in Mequon, 15 miles north of Milwaukee. This is an excellent site for East and SE winds. Landing is tricky due to many small trees and bad rotor in higher winds. But there is high grass to plow into if you have trouble with a long approach. A couple of foot paths can make nice approach paths.

Prodij and Mini-Acacia at Concordia 2-07-01
Photo: Greg Smit

Concordia is in Southern Ozaukee County. It is 1.5 miles north of Mequon Road (HWY 167) off Interstate 43. Exit at HWY 167, turn right (East), go over RR tracks, 0.5 miles to Lake Shore Drive. Turn left at Lake Shore Drive, go 1.5 miles to Highland Road. Turn right into Main Entrance of Concordia. Go slowly, turn right after next stop, which leads into the Southeast parking lot of this school. Drive to most Southeast corner of parking lot. It is a 200-300 step walk to launching area via a small, dirt service road. We have had informal, verbal permission to use the grounds, but we must not drive on the dirt service road.

Local Pilots

Greg Smith
Mirko Bodul
Russ Whitford

Vern Hunt at Concordia
Aerial View of Concordia


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