Racine Slope Flying Sites

Racine Slope Flying Sites

Racine, WI
In northern Racine County, Cliffside Park and a slope just south of that, Chapla Park are good for N to NE winds. Both overlook Lake Michigan.

Cliffside Park is almost inaccessible without a guide – me! (Mirko) I believe that I am the only one who has ever flown there. That was in 1998. It is only a 50 or 60 foot slope, but flying is good at both sites.

Ken Nelson added these sites for Racine:


There is a very flyable stretch of lakefront in Racine, Wisconsin south of the downtown area on Main Street between 14th and 16th Street.  The slope is grass covered and very uniform in height. The slope is small at about 25-35 feet with large rocks at the base to prevent erosion of the slope.

There is a sidewalk, road, park benches and lampposts immediately behind the slope but landing should be easy on the slope itself.  There is a gravel walking/bicycle path at the bottom of the slope so be careful for people. The slope is oriented facing east so that is the best wind direction but ENE to ESE should work well  The nice thing about this slope is that you can traverse the slope a long way. The total length of the slope is about 4 city blocks and the height and direction of the slope is consistent. If you fly from the area south of 16th street the road dead-ends into a small park/beach area so there shouldn’t be much traffic. You can park on the east side of the street and be 10 feet from your car as you are flying so there is no walking involved unless you need to go down to retrieve a plane, which would also be very easy. The area of water in front of the slope is shallow water protected by a breakwater so on nice weekends there are lots of boats anchored and people jet-skiing, water skiing, swimming, partying, sail boating, tubing, etc; making this a nice, scenic slope to fly.




If you are coming from out of the city take Highway 94 and use the Highway 20 exit east. You will go a long way on Highway 20 (Washington Avenue once you are in the city) but eventually it will make a sharp left turn, you will go straight instead of following the curve. You are now traveling east on 14th Street. Don’t go all the way to the lake on 14th street because Main is a one-way street for a couple blocks. Make a right turn one block before the lakefront on Wisconsin Avenue and go up to the first four-way intersection and make a left on 16th Street. Make a right turn at the lakefront on Main Street and go down a small hill where the street dead-ends at a small park. Turn around and go back up the hill and park anywhere on the street to fly. It will be best to stay south of the 16th Street intersection to avoid traffic.


There is another, smaller area to fly about 3/4 of a mile further south on Wisconsin Avenue. Take Wisconsin Avenue south until you see a huge, old retreat/school off your right just before Wisconsin Avenue makes a hard right turn at the wastewater plant. There is a small slope with park benches to your left that is two-tiered and will produce decent lift with east winds.

Local Pilots

Mirko Bodul

Greg Smith

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