Greg Flys at The Big M

Flying at The Big M

Platteville, WI – 04/01/01 Greg

I got the opportunity to fly at the Big M today. I was coming back from a wedding in Iowa and routed the return trip past this large mound in Southwest Wisconsin.

This was the second flight for the SH-50 and the conditions were perfect to test the plane more thoroughly than the first test flight, which was done in 6 or 7 mph winds. Today was about 15-18 mph. It was coming a bit more northerly than is ideal, but this place has very good lift and I had no problem putting the SH-50 through it’s paces. This plane flies very well! It accelerates quickly, rolls very fast and loops are tight. Pylon turns are quick and it is easy to work a small area of the slope. I flew it unballasted at about 17 oz. I can’t wait to ballast it up.

If you are going to be in the area and would like to fly here contact:

Greg Smith – ( I am a couple of hours away, but can make the trip with enough notice.)

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