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Hi, fellow slope flyers! The new is here!

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So, if you visit often, consider registering to enhance your enjoyment of the site! is a resource for people interested in r/c slope flying and slope soaring related news. There is an extensive listing of slope soaring sites (International slope soaring sites too!) to fly and most slope site listings have local contact information so interested slope soaring pilots will know who to contact in a particular area and get the local knowledge that will help make your sloping experience the best it can be. The more slope site and contact info you all send in, the more useful this site will be! If you are interested in posting a story please email Greg and I'll tell you how to do it.

We answer the question: What is slope flying?

We also have slope plane reviews, accessory and radio reviews, tips to get the most from your equipment, slope planes for sale, a flight log and race/competition coverage.

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I posted some pix on Flickr from our May slope soaring trip with the MRCSS club and several locals to South Dakota. More to come as people send them in.





A nice grass NW slope about 80 feet high is located behind the Seabury retirement home on route 185 in Bloomfield. Park in the parking lot on top of the hill. The slope is owned by the town so don't let rent-a-cops from the home say you can't be there. There is an RC field out to the right of the hill so check frequencies if anyone is there.

GPS Coordiantes:
N 41 degrees  50.201 minutes
W 72 degrees 42.460 minutes

Have more slopes to share? Please post them. This sport depends
on sharing our slopes.





A nice multi-direction site that has N, NW, W and E faces about 80 feet high is located on Perkins Street in Bristol, CT.

It is an old gravel mine area that is now a rustic dog walking area owned by the town. Use the nice parking lot they created and feel free to bring a weed whacker to clear off the top of the slope. The slope requires a 1000 foot walk from the parking area.

GPS coordinates:
N 41 degrees  41.595 minutes
W 72 degrees 57.938 minutes

A SW slope is on the west end of a large sloped field in Bristol. It is just east of a large factory complex on James P. Casey road. Use on weekends only. Park in pull out on the factory driveway at the bottom of the slope. Site is posted for snowmobile trespassing but
has never been a problem.

GPS Coordinates:
N 41 degrees  41.617 minutes
W 72 degrees 58.677 minutes

Have more slopes to share? Please post them. This sport depends
on sharing our slopes.





Jan sent in this info. Thanks for the first info about Rhode Island!

Here's a link to a couple of slope sites in Rhode Island - yes, RI. Provided by DrBill. Haven't flown there myself.

Jan says "It's been a cold and rainy summer out on the Cape so far with very little chance to do any slope soaring due to closures. Looking forward to Labor Day.






Check out what Dave's wife gave him for Father's Day! She has this made by an artist she saw at some show she went too. Dave says "I like it! It's cute. She has done several of these thoughtful gifts in the last few years...raising the bar for my gifts to her!"







Hey, Guys, here's the Promo video that's been made for the the Manilla Slope Fest after a Recon mission over the June Longweekend here in Australia. This is BIG SKY country  with an astroturfed launching area facing 4 directions of the compass. The event now has 5 Sponsors being North Queenland radio control, Falcon Gliders, AirsportsRC, Windrider and RCmodelair. The event is gaining momentum and now, with this sneak peak of the site and what its like, we will hopefully entice more slope flyers out of the wood work.

I hope you enjoy the Video!
Many thanks to Andrew for putting it together.
Regards,  Steve Wenban





super cheetah

Larry Pettyjohn sent me an email with the content below. Any help out there?

"I owned the Cheetah Models from 1986-1995 and produced the Super Cheetah. I sold the business to a gentleman in the state of New Mexico, around Albuerque. His name is either Alexander Scott or Scott Alexander. Have you ever heard of him or the where abouts of the tooling for the kit. I am interested in purchaseing it back and need to get in contact with him. Any help would be appreciated."

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you know anything about this and I will forward it on to Larry.





On Sunday afternoon, May 3rd we went to the very famous 1000 foot hill called Menez-Hom. This is only about 20 miles from Le Faou where we are staying. Temp 60 degree, wind 15 mph from the NNE.

After more nearby house hunting earlier in the day, we drove to the top of the hill, parked the car in the already crowed lot. Lots of tourists come here in good weather as well as bikers, hikers, campers, and people like us.

I had reservations about going to this site, but it was close to Le Faou.






For a number of years now Greg and I have been talking about designing and building planes for sale. On those long slope safari trips we'd go over what we'd want to see in a plane. Greg's got a lot of great ideas which are top secret right now ;-)  One thing that was paramount was we weren't going to sell anything that we didn't like flying ourselves.

Then a couple months ago an opportunity presented it self in the form of the Brian McLean Vector2. Greg called me up and said he'd found a plane that fit's what he was looking for. Great flyer, sleek lines, super reputation and a twisty wing ta boot. Well, sign me up!...Greg is a great pilot and if he says "this is the one"...well, I got to believe him.

Brian McLean produces kits for the Vector2. It includes the wing cores, the fiddly bits for the wing mechanism, a superb glass fuse and a molded carbon rudder. Everything in the kit is of the highest quality and finish. Looking over the plans I broke it down into building the wings and everything else.;-)  So let's start with the wings.





Bob sent in this report on his experiences attempthing the 8 hour, Level V LSF slope task.

April 25th 2009. Frankfort, KY.

I responded to an open invitation to go to Frankfort for an 8 hour slope attempt by Gordy Stahl.

I departed Michigan for Frankfort, KY. Arriving that evening with my Oly2 and an AVA.

I thought long and hard about which one to fly. The Oly is great old sailplane but can it penetrate 20+ mile an hour winds? The AVA has a more modern airfoil and is thinner. I decided to try and put "C" batteries in the fuse just below the wing at the CG as Ballast. The batteries weighed 10 Oz. With dense foam rubber and all It weighted about 11 ounces. Not allot of Ballast but enough I thought. The Oly also had 4 "C" cells installed just behind the leading edge bulkhead. So both were available to me.





soda-0409-sm-1447Dave and I went on an early season slope trip in mid-April 2009. We met Rob and about a dozen other dedicated slopers on Thursday and had a couple of good days of sloping at The Pasture in NE wind conditions.

Some of the highlights of the weekend were:
  • Maiden flights for several of DaveO's planes including a Jart Lite, Ruby, Predator and Destiny.
  • Flying my V-Ultra both days. It has been too long and I love that plane!
  • Maiden flight of the McLean Vector2 that DaveK just finished. Gotta get mine done! That is a seriously excellent plane!
  • Listening to DaveK's vacuum bagging technique tips.
  • Hanging with the Watertown boys.
  • Dinner at Charly's
I'll be heading out again for a few days in mid-May. Hope to get some DSing in them and look forward to seeing the crew again.

Here is a gallery with some pix.

As always, if you are interested in sloping in South Dakota This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . He will be able to tell you what you need to know if you want to join us.  



2009 has always been about connecting local pilots with others, either folks looking to get into slope flying or traveling pilots who are looking to hook up with local pilots with local slope knowledge. To that end we have received contributions from a bunch of people in over 35 states who know about their local slopes. This has happened over the last 10 years and some of the contributions have outdated contact info. It would be great if we could get some of those out of date contacts updated. If you know of a change that should be made either leave a comment on the appropriate page on the site of soot me a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I'll get the page updated.


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