The Slope at Bender Park – OakCreek, WI

Milwaukee Slope Flying Sites

SH-50 at Bender Park Oakwood Rd. location

Bender Park, Milwaukee

Good 100+ foot bluff on the shore of Lake Michigan NNE to SE winds with slightly NE best. The best slope in the Milwaukee area is in Oak Creek at the end of Fitzsimmons Road or Oakwood Road. The walk up Oakwood is much shorter! Huge landing area, no trees, 100+ ft slopes, but of course one huge problem: Milwaukee County has closed it. There is a gate across the road. The county government closed this to re-build the bluff north of Fitzsimmons Road for a now defunct golf course. If you do not mind a bit of a hike you can park at the Marina at the end of Ryan Rd., head south and climb from the bottom.

Greg gets ready at Bender. Photo: Mirko Bodul
Bender Park Fitsimmons Rd. Slope
Bender Park Oakwood Rd. Slope

Local pilots

Greg Smith
Mirko Bodul
Tracy Brown

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