Greg and Tracy take a short drive to Crystal Ridge

04/21/01 – I flew the Vindicator first and had trouble finding the lift. I ended up landing it at the bottom of the hill in a convient field. I was not going to throw the Prodij off, but after some peer pressure from Tracy I gave it a throw. I worked a bit different area and was able to get about a 20 minute flight. I ended up landing the Prodij at the bottom of the hill too. The LZ at the top is small and rocks and buildings said don’t try it up here today. I would not say it was all that much fun. 45 mph may be too strong for this hill.

This was my first attempt at this hill. The wind direction seemed good, but the lift band was very narrow. I think a more Southerly or Westerly wind would work better because Southwest seems to get split on the corner of the hill. Tracy has flown in lighter winds and reports good lift

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