Glen Rose soaring site

Glen Rose, TX, is a small town roughly between nowhere and nothing, west of Waco and SW of Dallas, and Dinosaur Valley State Park is just outside of Glen Rose.  I found a nice slope inside the park overlooking a graceful bend in the Paluxy River that faces roughly SE to SW, with most of the slope facing due south.

The frontside of the slope is covered in mountain juniper, but has a few holes where you can see out and land.  A trail runs up the ridge and requires a crossing of the river from the parking area, but this shouldn’t be a problem unless the water level is quite high.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to land anything non-foam here, but if you can crash it in to a tree you can probably retrieve it. I was quite delighted to find a backside to this slope just west of the main spot — it’s not a clean and sharp backside, but rather a gentle slope with some trees and scrub.  I had a great time DSing my combat wing in 30+ continuous circles.

The latitude, longitude coordinates of the top of the ridge are roughly (32.25609541, -97.81868219). Here is the mapper link for the site, and here is a folder of pictures I took when I was in the area.

The flat open field to the SE of the dot on that map is park and would be ideal for discus launched fun.  The huge pasture SW of the slope and across the river doesn’t seem to be in park land (well, there was a fence with an open gate), but it wouldn’t be a bad place to land out if you had to.

topo map of the slope area

XR combatwing and the slope

view from the slope


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