Sloping in Lancaster County, PA


Pennsylvania Slope Flying Sites

Breezy View Park

Here in Pennsylvania we have a slope site which is popular with the locals as well as fliers from surronding states. On a good day we have folks from Maryland, New Jersey and other points west.

The site is in Lancaster county (amish country) near Columbia, PA. It is at Breezy View park which is part of the Lancaster County Park system. Our club – LASS (Lancaster Area Soaring Society) web site – – worked with the parks system to establish the site for slope flying and includes a stone lane and parking at the site, a grass landing area and outdoor toilet – the last can be quite important. The site overlooks the Susquehanna River with the stacks of Three Mile Island in the distance. It is 220 ft. to the bottom of an 80 degree slope with a nice lift pocket at the junction of north and west faces. this is a “fly in your face” slope where combat is very popular with the advent of foamies. A nice west ridge line runs for 1/2 mile to the north making it good for doing turns with large ships. A 60″ ship is very comfortable on this slope. It works well with winds from west to north west at 15 mph and up – way up.

To get there – take Route 30 to Columbia, PA. Exit at Columbia and take route 441 north uphill. Near the top of the grade is the entrance to a Little Peoples daycare on the left. Take the left and follow the stone lane back to the parking lot at the slope.

Go the the LASS website for questions, contacts are listed.

The action is usually September through May. See you there!

These are locations we have had the privilege to fly. Some may have access restrictions.
Check with local flyers for information.

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