Cape Cod Slope Soaring at the Seascape Motel

I got to the Seascape about 2PM on Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 and had a good hour of slope flying the Weasel and the Bee but the wind died off as the rain that had been in the area all morning passed.

I took a drive to look over Duck Harbor about 5PM and sloped the small dunes to the right as you walk up to the beach with my Polecat XP-4 DLG while Syd, Garrett  and Wendy hunted for shells. There are some roped off areas for the Plover nesting grounds to the left and I did not walk further to check out the higher dunes there as the wind was light. May check that area on Thursday if the 20kph West winds arrive.

Thursday was supposed to be West winds so I took a drive with the family over to Wellfleet and Duck Harbor. After 30 minutes or so of searching for the place to buy a parking permit for the beach we were thwarted by the City of Wellfleet and their Summer Beach Parking Pass Policy or SBPPP. Seems from the 3rd Saturday of June through Labor Day the city only issues parking passes to residents and guests of the city proper. Since we were staying in North Truro we did not rate a parking permit at any cost! I haven’t confirmed it yet but the parking people in Wellfleet informed me that Corn Hill in the City or Truro has the same policy, only for Truro residents and guests.

So, we returned to the Seascape to refuel and I found the wind straight in at about 10  mph. I flew the XP-4 and was able to work some aerobatics

Friday brought a Northwest wind but instead of trying to fly down Brewster way the family and I went to Marconi Beach for a walk and some beach time. The wind was wrong but an East wind here would be great. The bluffs are 60-80 feet I’d guess and base launching from the beach would be possible. Not sure of getting on top at the beach access area, however, at the Marconi Station location, site of the first wireless transmission to England from the US, top launching would be easy and the bluff here is at least 80 feet maybe 100 feet tall. Again, East winds.

Also got in some mini golf in Orleans and ate pizza at the Barn in Eastham. Good eats, not a lot on money.

We got back to the Seascape about 8PM and while the wind was Northwest, about 45 degrees off the slope, I flew the old Weasel with the Canuck Engineering lights around for a while. There is a tuft of the hill on the north end that faces a bit more north and I couldn’t resist flying while the other hotel guests wondered what the heck that UFO thing was!

I like visiting the Cape off season for the solitude, lower rates and ease of getting around. I missed it this year by 4 days as far as the parking issue goes but still had a fantastic time. I look forward to getting back in a couple of years. I hope the Seascape is still there. Development is encroaching and the land is prime!

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