Allan’s NoCal Site in Sonoma County

Allan Carstensen sent in this story.

Hi Greg. I noticed that you don’t have many flying sites listed in Northern California. Well I’ve got a great site for you. I’m usually the only RC’er there and once in a while I get to fly along with an occasional hang glider or paraglider, as well as hawks, osprey and gulls.

The spot is Goat Rock State Park on the Sonoma County coastline, where the Russian River empties into the Pacific. You can fly in winds from  the north-west to the south.

I live in Santa Rosa which makes it about a 45 minute drive out River Road. I’m a true convert from TD flying. No need to use my hi-start anymore. I fly a DAW’s 1-26 hlg w/ailerons and man is it a blast in 20+ mph winds! I throw it off the cliff and hang on for dear life! I’ve enclosed some photos of this great site. My wife,Laurie was the photographer. Hope you can use some of them. Thanks for the great site and a chance to tell others of this terrific spot.

2 thoughts on “Allan’s NoCal Site in Sonoma County

  1. Goat Rock too? That sucks! I’m thinking maybe the dunes in Bodega Bay. Used to fly up on top Coleman Road but they fenced off the entire area! The world is going insane!

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