Slope Site Near Mohave Valley, Arizona

Tom Chant sent us this story about a slope soaring site near Mohave Valley, Arizona.

I live just south of Laughlin, Nevada in the fast growing area called Mohave Valley, AZ. we are about 115 miles southeast of Las Vegas, NV.

Since moving here in 2002 I have found many slope sites as the wind only blows twice a year in this area, 6 months from the north and 6 months from the south.

This spring I was at an inter-club fun fly at Kingman, AZ. We stopped flying the gassers for lunch and the Kingman group fed us burgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings and comforts of home. While sitting at lunch I happened to try to explain the fun of slope flying to some of my gasser buddies. They were somewhat interested and one of the wives spoke up and said that she had just the spot for that kind of thing!!! Well, I listened and she gave very precise directions to a Department of the Interior US Forest campground that had recently had a fine road built to give better public access.

I found the location that afternoon and it is spectacular!! to say the least, the hill is at 6700 ft. above sea level so it gives a cool spot for summer flying.

Stop it! How do you get there! Well first you have to dream, then you have to pray, and then be willing.

Take Hwy 93 north from Golden Valley of Kingman toward the Hoover Dam and Vegas, go past the turnoff to the town of Chloride about 1.5 miles to Big Wash Road, turn right 11 miles to Windy Point Recreation Area, the road continues onto Cherum peak. The road near the Windy Point has been great with the southwest wind of spring and summer and the campground is great with a north wind.

I am always available to fly. If you are in Vegas or on the river at Laughlin give me, Tom Chant, a call and put this location on the site locator.
Home 928-788-0335
Cell 928-542-5167

If you are in Vegas and are headed here take Boulder Hwy to Hoover Dam, cross the dam go about 70 miles to Big Wash Rd. turn left go 11 miles on the dirt road, the dirt road is well maintained and any two wheel drive car can make it without any problems.

One thing I missed is the campground has restrooms fire rings picnic tables area for tent camping and RV s have fun and call me if you come up.

I remember this story that the guy that sold me my home, he said that I was going to have all my toys and no one to play with, well I am having too much fun to worry about you guys but come, hang out, have fun and fly a great site in northwest AZ.

7 thoughts on “Slope Site Near Mohave Valley, Arizona

  1. Since moving to Lake Havasu, my wife Katie and I have really missed slope flying. In the next few weeks we will explore the windy point site. Has a great name, hopefully it will live up to it.


  2. Lov to go slope soaring with ya!
    We live in Chloride now but will be moving over to Bull Head soon.

  3. Katie and I checked out Windy Point a few weeks ago. Tom was right, you can fly a man hole cover with this kind of lift, BUT, if for some reason you do not make it back to the somewhat ify landing area, just pack up and go home. The drop off is almost vertical for hundreds of feet with heavy brush. We did not take any true slope soarers with us and the wind was 25+mph so we enjoyed the scenery and came home, once again without engaging in our favorite past time….SLOPE SOARING!

    Still looking for that slope we can enjoy….anyone out there willing to share with us?


  4. I no longer live in az however i did find some other great slope flying sites, 1) if you go to the town of oatman on lod hwy 66 you pass the town and continue past the gold mine it maybe 5 mile and come to the summit pass where you start down the other side to kingman you will see a level area that appears to be a home site , thats a great site for light to moderate lift and you may see a few big horn sheep wandering about !! Have fun Tom

  5. I would like to thank Tom for posting the article about Windy Point. I design my own slope gliders and test fly them at windy point. I am currently looking for a slope glider friendly area to retire to. Thank you Tom for the posting !!

  6. I would like to thank Tom for posting the article about Windy Point. I design my own slope gliders and test fly them at windy point. I am currently looking for a slope glider friendly area to retire to. Thank you Tom for the posting !!

  7. Thanks Steve , it is my Love to find that great slope spot and retire, i am retired and when i was in the mojave valley area i found many spots to slope .
    windy point is the greatest it is so good that you don’t need to worry about a place to land!!!
    Also the flood controle dam west of the Laughlin casinos is good with a south wind.
    if you are near laughlin take the bridge from bullhead to laughlin and turn north along the west side of the river and you will find a slope facing north for winds out of the north.
    another location is on the road to topac south of mohave valley on 95 to the arco turn left to the area of golden shores, on the left you will see a cut where a river went throug this is goo with a south wind , you can get on top wih a 4×4 but it works good from the sheilf .
    Thanks Steve
    I AM IN Rosarito BC and can’t remember where i flew yesterday because I have flown so many different spots .
    Now my perment home home and build shop .

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