Slope Soaring Sites in New Zealand

New Zealand Slope Flying Sites
Thanks to Aaron for the following info.

Being a country of mountains, valleys and volcano’s there are absolute tonnes of slope soaring sites. the most popular however are:


Mt Wellinton: An old volcano, this can be flown on in any wind direction. Most popular are S/W, S, E, NE, N. You will find fliers here most days from 3pm till dusk.
It is also an excellent site for DS in SE, E, NE wind directions. Best of all is that in N and NE winds you can launch straight from the car.

Muriwai Beach: A cliff face of about 300 foot. Muriwai is about 20 minutes outside Auckland and a popular weekend destination for Hangliders, Para gliders and RC pilots. Wind direction would have to be West to south west.

Mangere Domain: An old Volcano, is an excellent place for DS, and conventional soaring. Although not as popular as muriwai and Mt Wellington because of the short hike requiered to get to the top.

Other places worth mentioning are MT Eden, a volcano again close to the centre of town. This is not as popular as there is always a lot of tourist activity at the top. But you can launch from your car again and in S, SW winds it is perfectly flyable.

Devonport domain. I think this might be a volcano too but I am not sure. Good in SW, S and NE. Also has parking near the top.

I will send you more info on the rest of NZ as it comes to hand.

3 thoughts on “Slope Soaring Sites in New Zealand

  1. As of 2017, winds in Auckland have been disgusting this winter….almost all S/SW and freezing, choppy, and wet as a wet dog. Its been dismal…
    Thanks to this, the slopes have been very lonely of late, and I am one of the last slope flyers I think…I have hardly ever seen anyone else out there.
    Hopefully with the better weather, the spring glider season will be a pleasant thing this year.
    With regard to slopes – Mt Wellington in a southerly is SUICIDAL as the sailplanes are likely to be eaten by trees…Mt Victoria is worse, of course – and equally unflyable in a southerly.
    A sad fact of life is that the desirable easterlies, westerlies and northerlies tend to be accompanied by rain galore.
    That said, a day’s flying on a great day is exactly that – a day of flying in the air, launching at dawn and landing at sunset. Still possible to get 1000x the flight experience of powered models, anytime.

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